We're choosing to challenge. Will you?

The phrase "Earth Angel" might be foreign to most, but to us, it's a phrase that spreads hope.

At the Kottage, we are busy getting ready for one of our most exciting events of the year -- Volunteer Appreciation!

For a family living in poverty, extreme cold brings them that much closer to being unable to ensure that they are providing their children with what those children need to stay safe.

Each year, one of our highlights here at Kids Kottage is National Philanthropy Day. It’s an opportunity for us to honour one of our many supporters.

November is an important month at Kids Kottage, both because it’s Family Violence Prevention Month, and because of November 20th – National Child Day. Both causes are so important to our hearts and at the core of everything we do here at the Kottage.

Here at the Kottage, there are certain experiences that linger, that show us that we are doing something that makes an impact, that changes lives — and sometimes the lives that are impacted are our own.

Thursday, August 9, 2018

At Kids Kottage, so much of the work we do would not be possible without the support of our community, and one of most valuable supporters and partners is the Government of Alberta.

When I hear children at Kids Kottage say their dad plays and laughs with them or tells them stories at bedtime or helps them do homework, it gives me pleasure knowing their future will be bright...

Every day, I look at the faces of the children who stay with us at Kids Kottage...